BMWAF Administration Team

Chairman: Derek Johnson


I have had an avid interest in BMW Motorcycles for far too many years to consider but many alternate years were devoted to the design and construction of successful race cars

Treasurer: John Arthur


As well as John's love of BMW motorcycles he is passionate about Steam Locomotives also.

Membership: Ieish Gamah


Over the years I have owned, fettled and enjoyed a variety of air cooled machines, including an R80G/S, R75/7, R65LS, a Jim Cray worked on R90S, and an R100RT which served as my 120 mile a day commuting machine.

Tool Loan: David Tinkler



David administers the tool hire section of the BMWAF. Please contact him for details of your tool requirements.

Event Co-ordinator: Peter Dutton



My 1981 R65 has now done 181000 miles, 95000miles in one year. as a courier, an average of just under 400 miles a day for 48 weeks. 

Our Airhead Editor: TBA


We have yet to find someone to take on this onerous task. If you're interested email Derek.