Constitution & Rules

BMW Airhead Fellowship


Constitution & Rules

1 Title

The name of the Organisation shall be the BMW Airhead Fellowship, herein after referred to as ‘the Fellowship’.

2 Address

The official address of the Fellowship shall be that of the current or acting Chairman.

3 Objectives

The objectives of the Fellowship are:

    a) To encourage at National and International level the ownership, use and enjoyment of               Classic and Vintage BMW Motorcycles in their various guises. The term ‘Classic and Vintage’ shall refer to those models listed in appendix 1.

    b) To foster a friendly environment based on mutual respect, mutual help and shared          information throughout the membership.

    c) To encourage new members.

    d) To produce a regular newsletter, currently called ‘The Airhead’, for all members.

    e) To offer a range of activities and services to our members appropriate to the above aims and in addition to the newsletter

    f) To remain a non-profit-making organisation. Any profits made above and beyond the         needs to run, maintain and further the aims of the Fellowship to be donated to charity at the discretion of the Chairman.

4 Structure

    i) The Fellowship’s direction and ethos is led by a Chairman to be chosen by a vote of all        members every three years

   ii) Treasurer

  iii) Membership Secretary

  iv) Editor

   v) I.T. Developer

As a Fellowship, normal hierarchical roles are reduced to a minimum, with all members encouraged to put themselves and their skills or interests at the disposal of others. As such, the following roles may be considered as being those of co-ordinators, with responsibilities shared where appropriate and desirable. It may be that a single member may take on additional roles.

              Area representatives

              Tool Hire

              Regalia Organiser

              Events Coordinator

5 Constitution

This Constitution and any part thereof may be amended or deleted from time to time at the sole discretion of the Chairman. However, if a member wishes to raise a matter concerning the Constitution, he/she should do so by addressing their points to the Chairman in writing. Upon receipt the Chairman will give due consideration to the members’ point(s) and respond within a reasonable time limit. The Chairman’s decision will be final.

A copy of the Fellowship’s Constitution will be available on the website. Agreement to the Constitution is a prerequisite to membership.

6 Membership and Annual Subscriptions

The Chairman may accept or decline any application for membership.

The Fellowship’s membership year runs from 1 April until 31 March. Annual membership subscriptions are due on or before 1 April each year. Members who have not paid their subscriptions by the end of April for that year will deemed to have let their membership lapse.

Any member who gives notice to leave before the end of the subscription year will not be refunded any portion of their membership fees.

New members who join between April and the end of September will pay the normal membership fee and their membership shall last until the next renewal date of April 1st. New members who join between October and March will pay the normal membership fee, but their first renewal date will be one year after the next April 1st renewal date

The Chairman has sole discretion as to any increases for annual subscriptions.

Membership for one year will also be granted to those whose activities are deemed by the chairman to have enhanced sufficiently the running or standing of the Fellowship. Holding a position of responsibility or making a significant contribution to the content of the newsletter would be examples of such.

7 Responsibility of the Membership

Members always have a responsibility to conduct themselves to uphold the good reputation of the Fellowship and promote the Fellowship.

All members are encouraged to participate as fully as they can within the organisation and running of the Fellowship.

A member may be removed from the Fellowship at the discretion of the Chairman for any activity which the Chairman believes to be counter to the spirit of our constitution. This would include behaviours such as:

    a.  having brought the Fellowship into disrepute

    b.  having endangered the life or property of another Fellowship Member, guest or other          road user whilst on a Fellowship event

    c.  undermining the constitution, activities or aims of the Fellowship in any way.

Dismissal from the Fellowship will be immediate and without recourse to an Appeal. Nor shall there be reimbursement of annual subscription fees.

8 Non-Members

In the interests of the health of the Classic and Vintage BMW movement the Fellowship encourages all enthusiasts of vintage BMWs to participate in our activities and events. Non-members will be charged a higher fee for admission to such activities.

9 Appointment of Officers

The Chairman shall organise an electronic vote to choose a potential successor at least once every three years. No Chairman can stand for more than two successive terms of office without this being. Should there be two or more candidates for any other post then this shall be decided by a general vote.

All volunteers in position of responsibility are encouraged to proffer advice to the Chairman. The Chairman's decision is final.

10 Donations to Charities

The Chairman, in conjunction with the Treasurer, shall have authority to make Club donations to charitable causes.

APPENDIX 1 - Models Classed as 'Vintage and Classic'

All air-cooled, ‘R’ series models built between 1923 and 1996

Privacy Policy


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

BMWAF have chosen Membermojo to provide our online membership services which also becomes our Data Processor for the purpose of us conforming with the 2018 GDPR.

In data protection terms Membermojo are the data processor for the BMWAF member data, and the BMWAF is the data controller. (Information Commissioners Office  key definitions)

Membermojo provide the tools and controls that help implement your organisation's GDPR compliant privacy policy for managing personal member data.

This includes:

· What personal data is stored - BMWAF define the personal data (in this case the Web based membership form) that needs to be held for the Fellowship.

· Gaining consent - your form can include 'accept terms' fields that must be ticked before the form completes. We store the date that the application, and therefore the consent has been completed. 

· Where data is stored - all servers and backups are hosted in secure UK facilities.

· How data is protected - Membermojo provide security and access controls for BMWAF member data. 

· How long data is kept for - BMWAF define how long personal data is retained and Membermojo automate the deletion.

Example: Membermojo would retain expired BMWAF member data for 5 years prior to total deletion.

Membermojo also provide functions that assist members and administrators to exercise individual rights under GDPR.

· Right to access - members can sign in to view their own personal data.

· Right to rectification - members can sign in and amend their own personal data or request the Membership Secretary to amend details.

· Right to Erasure - BMWAF administrators can securely delete personal data for members requesting their data be erased. Erasing a member will remove their member record and anonymise any activity, and (optionally) payment records.